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Green Eye Productions
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The Hollywood Movie

Genuine Fakes

Green Eye Productions

has teamed up with John Myatt in
its newest film venture
about John’s life and
The Greatest Art Fraud of the 20th Century

Based on Myatt’s true life story, Genuine Fakes is about the greatest art fraud of the 20th century. Our story begins in 1985 and ends ten years later. Our hero lives in a tumbledown cottage in a sleepy Staffordshire village with his wife and two infant children. He is an art teacher, she’s a nurse. Nothing could be a more serene and idyllic family way of life, particularly in grasping Thatcher Britain. The only hint of a more daring existence once led by our hero is that ten years earlier he wrote a top 40 hit on the Brit-Charts.

Then our hero’s wife leaves him for another man, and he finds himself juggling two children under two, a job, and life… all badly.
So his friend, Dave asks him to paint a picture for his wife in the style of her favourite painter for a Christmas present – just to help out with the bills – and our hero gets the idea to place an advert in a magazine to try to earn enough money for baby sitters by painting artworks ‘in the style of’ modern masters.

The rest, as they say is history. A forger answers our hero’s ad, and before he knows it, he’s embroiled in the greatest art fraud of the 20th century involving all major museums and auction houses around the world. The truth – in this case – is stranger than fiction!